Saturday, January 16, 2010

it's no great secret that i love le pichet. i talk about it quite frequently and openly. but my love might have increased since my last visit. 
yesterday's dinner at le pichet started with a gin/vermouth/framboise cocktail (just the right amount of sweet). me and my habeeb shared a duck liver, pear, beet, endive, radichio salad. it was delicious, a wonderful assortment of textures and flavors. 
i moved onto wine, not sure what it was, but the waitress selected a full-bodied red wine to accompany my steak. I enjoyed the wine, and the steak.....perfectly cooked, on a cream sauce, with brussel sprouts and frites. it might be the best steak that i've ever had in a restaraunt. 
its always worth saving room for dessert at le pichet, especially for their house made ice creams. the prune-armignac ice cream was a tasty novelty, and my pear brandy finished the meal off well. 
of course, there are always the chocolate madeleines which come with the bill....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

in all my time of going to palace kitchen, i was unaware of their happy hour. now, however, i am aware. and let it be known, $3 glasses of sangria are to be had. always a refreshing and fruity treat, it did not disappoint. for food, my dad and i had chicken wings, a pork sandwich, and a beet salad. the sauce on the chicken wings demands bread to soak it up. the pork sandwich, also tasty. the beet salad.... was lacking in the usual greens that accompany it in other seasons, but still good.