Thursday, June 24, 2010

turkey! meat!

im in turkey for the first time, and as such, am taking note of all my food experiences. first of all, awesome yoghurt and yoghurty drinks. ive been going to a pastane for breakfast and eating bread with tomatoe and cheese, and drinking either turkish or nescafe. sometimes you just gotta get on the nescafe train.
went to a near restaurant for dinner, and had adana kebab. it was awesome. it was basically a meat stick with interesting spices and flavors, red onions on the side, roasted veggies, parsley, and kind of a rice or bulgur pilaf. next time, i promise to take some pictures!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dairy, Oddfellows

i used to drink a lot of milk, but not so much anymore. however, the goat milk in my fridge was intriguing to me, so i decided to try it. definately more into that than the cow milk. its got a little sour taste, but creamier. the label claims its easier to digest. hopefully this proves to be the case. 

i went to oddfellows cafe the other day, to grab a pre-show drink and bite to eat. i ordered their aviation cocktail (named after aviation gin). it was a strange gray color, and i found the taste somewhat non-descript=(. my food was better, thankfully. i had pork with sautteed mushrooms. Definately the filling and flavorful dish i needed before a show, and the mushrooms were of an interesting variety.