Thursday, February 12, 2009

dinner at le pichet. 
what more can i say? a lot, turns out....
i pretty much always order the domaine de couronne cote du rhone, it's tasty and reasonable. 
for starters, we had pate (with honey and walnuts!), warm endive salad with chicken gizzards, and oysters. 
for main courses we did the chicken for 2 and the trout. i've experienced the chicken in its various seasonal manifestations, and the winter version did not disappoint. it came on a potatoe pancake with sauce, and was as succulent and delicious as ever. the trout was definitely good, but i feel that the side could have been a little more interesting. 
for dessert, i decided on the house ice cream (lemon yoghurt) and the house sorbet (tangerine). i've always been impressed with their ice creams in the past, and the lemon yoghurt was no exception (i don't even like lemon desserts that much!) the sorbet was a bit lacking, particularly in the texture. 
all in all, another delightful dining experience at one of my favorite restaurants in seattle. 

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