Monday, March 23, 2009

i've eaten some quite intersting things lately. 
an e-mail annoumcing the new monthly cupacke at cupcake royale prompted a visit there to sample their maple irish whiskey cupacke. it was pretty tasty, but general consensus is that the chocolate salted caramel cupcake is better. 
ate thai food at djanjay the other day. it was pretty tasty, but i prefer the meats...
also took a freind visiting to mighty-o donuts. she was pretty impressed by the fact that they were vegan, and the the chocolate peanut butter.....yum!

also, ate at palace kitchen the other day. i statrted off with a cocktail, a "winter tonic", which wa all right, nothing too special. we ate olive poppers and beet salad for starters. for the main dish, i had the mussels, which were prepared in a coconut milk sauce with orange. it was pretty interesting, but honestly, i prefer the mussels at cafe presse. my glass of sangiovese was pretty tasty. 

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