Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dairy, Oddfellows

i used to drink a lot of milk, but not so much anymore. however, the goat milk in my fridge was intriguing to me, so i decided to try it. definately more into that than the cow milk. its got a little sour taste, but creamier. the label claims its easier to digest. hopefully this proves to be the case. 

i went to oddfellows cafe the other day, to grab a pre-show drink and bite to eat. i ordered their aviation cocktail (named after aviation gin). it was a strange gray color, and i found the taste somewhat non-descript=(. my food was better, thankfully. i had pork with sautteed mushrooms. Definately the filling and flavorful dish i needed before a show, and the mushrooms were of an interesting variety. 

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