Monday, October 26, 2009

i havent posted in a while, but this does not mean that i have not been eating. au contraire. 
brief tour through some of the eatin's i have partaken in....
i ate phad thai at kwan jai thai the other day. it was disappointing. these guys got nothing on sea-thai in wallingford. this is seattle, you should never be subjected to mediocre thai food. though ive enjoyed other meals there in the past, i suspect this was merely a case of ketchup based phad thai sauce, which is acceptable in the home, but not in a restaurant. 
phad thai was followed by beers at brouwer's (when we found a seat. it took a while.) washington beers were on rotation, so i tried a pretty decent red ale from maritime brewing company, but it was only warmup for....belgian ales! i enjoyed the blond ale from lachouffe. it was mild but flavorful, and its ever so nice to drink from the corresponding glasses. brouwers has an incredible selection of beer, but its hard to make use of server's knowledge on a busy friday night (clearly). 
it is fall. there are pumpkin products everywhere. its a marketing ploy, and i am totally susceptible to it. i have tried varying pumpkin products with varying results, but one experience stands out. the mighty-o pumpkin donut. everything i wanted out of a fried piece of batter, and so seasonally satisfying. 

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  1. Pumpkins are most pleasing to me in the form of soups or roasted. Unless its time for dessert in which case pumpkin cheesecake takes my list with pie as a close second.