Thursday, September 24, 2009

prosciutto fest 2009

with a bottle of belleruche cotes-du-rhone m. chapoutier rose (2007) chilling in the fridge, a friend and i embarked on a shopping trip to whole foods for some "snacks". we returned with a quarter pound of prosciutto di parma, mimolette (a bright orange, french aged cheese), trailhead tomme (from mount townsend creamery), and a bar of the madagascar chocolate bar from theo.
i chopped a red pear and a plum into slices, and from thence, we tried just about every combination of the listed items. i challenge the reader to find something that cannot be improved by being wrapped in prosciutto. 
the mimolette was particularly excellent with the chocolate. 
i might have to try a couple other cheeses, but thus far, i am convinced that the mount townsend creamery can do no wrong. 
*the wine bottle mentioned is currently wicked on sale at whole foods.

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