Sunday, July 18, 2010

farther east

i am far from being tired of "turkish food", but a little variety is always pleasant. and when this variety takes the form of uighur manti and noodles, tant mieux. the restaurant we went to was located pretty close to sülemaniye camii, in the courtyard of a mosque. apparently there is a cultural institution dedicated to preserving uighur culture, a mission which i am now fully behind. the old man in the kitchen basically told us what we were getting, so we just sat in the courtyard (we were the only ones there) and waited for the magic to happen.
this really adorable, shy kid with glasses waited on us. first we each had a plate of what seemed like udon noodles, with veggies and meat. pretty tasty. then came the dumplings......i loooove dumplings. the only thing better than delciious things are delicious things wrapped in more carbs. these dumplings had some kind of meat in it, i was too blissed out.
after waddling around eminönu, looking at mosques, the caffeine craving hit hard. we stopped at a place off istiqlal, known for its thick coffee. i mean, look at the sludge in that cup. i drank it, and was a better person for it.

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