Thursday, September 23, 2010


it's easy to take tom douglas for granted here in seattle, he's such an omniscient brand. however, i was curious about the food at lola, after a couple visits for drinks. my recent trip to turkey also made me curious about what passes for mediterranean fare here in seattle. i ended up quite pleased with the results....

i started my meal with their house red (don't quite remember the blend, i think it was made by chinook winery). i ended splitting a carafe of it with my father, so i definately enjoyed it. we had a garlic spread with pita (so good, drizzled with olive oil), and a chicken and a pork skewer. the pork had a honey harissa glaze, which did not disappoint.

for dinner, we ended up sharing two of the meze. 1) heirloom tomatoe salad with aragula. the heirlooms were perfect, and i enjoyed the dressing which had basil in it. one of the better salads ive had in a restaraunt. we also had mantı, a lamb ravioli with yoghurt, one of the dishes iate in turkey. this was different from the more basic turkish version, but really good. satisfied my mantı craving.

for dessert, we had baklava with pistachio ice cream. really good ice cream, the baklava was not quite up to gülluoğlu standards, but neyise. i left satisfied, but curious about the rest of the menu. next time.....

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