Wednesday, December 22, 2010

an afternoon in fremont....

me and my sweetheart had plans to take the tour at theo chocolate factory, but before eating as much chocoloate as we wanted, we figured maybe some real food was in order....

we hit up baguette box, a place that serves some of the usual lunch staples, but mostly is famous for its sandwiches. similar to vietnamese sandwiches, these sandwiches satisfied my hunger for fresh ingredients and flavor in a way that few vietnamese sandwich shops in seattle have.

i ordered the pork shoulder, which was spectacularly tender, complimented by red wine sauce, red onion, and red peppers. key to the execution of the sandwhich was the bread: a le panier baguette. sometimes i crave a crustier baguetter for dipping and eating, but the fluffier bread that le panier offers is perfect for soaking up the sauce of my sandwhich, and helped the sandwich to mealt in my mouth (which it did).

oh yeah, theo chocolate was good too.

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