Thursday, January 1, 2009

the countdown....

oh man. i don't even know where to start.
two days ago i more or less ate my way through fremont.
my family planned an outing to theo chocolate factory, where we took the tour. among many interesting facts, i learned that there are only 8 chocolate factories in these here united states, and man, i think we're pretty lucky to have one here in seattle, because apparently the climate...not conducive to chocolate factories!
we started off the tour seated in a windowless room, wearing blue hairnets, and getting the facts on bean growing, harvesting, fermentation, etc. i kind of want to be the person who travels around, looks at farms, and then nods approvingly to signify that they meet usda standards for organicism! i don't think organicism is a word!
the factory itself, very warm, and the smell of cacao.....just inhabited the air. the machines are mostly second-hand, sometimes old, and really cool looking. i was disappointed to not see them in action. the visit ended with a stop in the confection room,by which point i was done with sampling chocolate!
at ay rate, the take home message of the visit was cacao+cane sugar+fair trade=awesome!

lunch was at the baguette box. mmmh. they serve various sandwiches made with le panier baguettes, and i ordered a sandwich with tofu, avocado, other veggies, some kind of delicious garlicy sauce, and a little sprig of cilantro. yum! friend nathan smith and i went to via tribunali. pretty traditional italian pizza, thin crust, delicate mozzarella, etc. it was a pretty pleasant eating experience, but no real surprises to be had. needless to say, after a day of eating chocolate, dessert had little appeal!

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  1. I'm glad you went to the baguette box, I love that place!