Monday, January 5, 2009 years. i kind of forgot to post about it, due to the days of mayhem and hungoverness which followed. 
calder roasted a duck. he rubbed some oil and herbs(rosemary, thyme, sage) into the duck, which was then roasted. 
raz made salad and roasted veggies. 
we drank a california pinot called "angeline", which was quite nice, though the details are a little hazy at this point. a bottle of cms quickly followed. 
dessert was deemed unnecessary, so we opted for turkish coffee. mmh, turkish coffee. 
after much other alchohol being consumed, we popped open a bottle of bubbly rose. 
on a side note, some motherfucker totally swiped the beer i had bottled out of the pantry. the beer that i was waiting for to ferment. as if there wasn't enough alchohol in the fridge. f'realz. i'm just glad i didn't have any nice bottles of wine in the pantry, 'cause lord only knows. 

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